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Why Beacon

Places for ideas, people, and teams to grow

The Understory at Bank of America Tower - Houston, TX

Join a meetup, take a spin class, linger over your morning latte — all in a day’s work

Our workplaces go beyond work. We look to the leading edge of hospitality to inspire our amenities and experiences, drawing the best from high-end hotels, social clubs, and restaurants. The result is a curated set of spaces, services, and programs that’s designed to put you at ease and inspire your best work.

Central Standard Building - Chicago, IL

Curated Retail

From seasonally inspired food and beverage offerings to trend-setting retail, every element of our property experience is designed to complement and elevate your lifestyle at work.

Atrium Campus - Denver, CO

Southline - Boston, MA

303 East Wacker - Chicago, IL

Fitness and Wellness

Take an early-morning jog, break for a midday meditation, or come in for a lift before you call it a day—our modern fitness centers are fully equipped to make it easy to make time for a workout each day. 

AMA Plaza - Chicago, IL

Events and classes

We created our own amenities and experience program, Shift, to connect the communities in and around our buildings. Whether it’s a guided meditation or cardio blast, a cooking class, or a negotiation workshop, Shift helps you keep things interesting, so it never feels like just a day at the office.