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Bank of America Tower - Roof Garden - Houston, TX 102219

Bank of America Tower - Houston, TX

Building a more sustainable workday, every day

As builders, as investors, and as everyday people facing this climate crisis, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to create a sustainable future. It’s going to take commitment and creativity—and we’re up for both.

In every project, we look for new ways, big and small, to improve our efficiency, create healthy ecosystems, and foster vibrant local communities in and around our properties.

Meet our thriving hives of honeybees

Our rooftop beekeeping program has been a signature for us since 2014. In more than 8 years of caring for over 4.3 million bees, we’ve seen the powerful impact bees can have. Not only do our bees support local flora and fauna, but they produce more than 4,000 lbs of raw honey a year. So get ready for honey-based recipe cookoffs, honey tastings, and even our own brew of honey pale ale.

  • Aerial view of the Bank of America Tower Skypark roof garden
  • Aerial view of a solar carport parking lot at Cross Roads in San Mateo, CA
  • Tenant:  WM
Architect:  Perkins&Will
Contractor: D.E. Harvey Builders
Photographer:  Peter Molick

We’re exploring paths to be carbon neutral by 2050

Learn more about our commitment

The Crossroads - San Mateo, CA

Buildings that work smarter, not harder

There’s a lot that goes into making a workplace work—electricity, heating, plumbing, and maintenance—and then there’s the building itself. We analyze many opportunities to lighten our environmental footprint. Whether it’s solar carports, rainwater capture, or energy-efficient insulation and lighting, we’re continually investing in cleaner infrastructure so that our buildings can do their best work every day, too.