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  • Aerial view of the building's Skypark a 20,000 sf elevated green park

  • View of the exterior building

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Bank of America Tower is a new state-of-the-art office property in the Houston Central Business District that houses 35 floors of office space and tenant amenities, spanning 780,000 square feet. From its architecture to its finishes, there’s a lot to love about this property—but one of the biggest standouts for us is its water system.

This property features a rainwater collection system that supplies all of the bathrooms at the property with recycled greywater. To start, the building collects fresh rainwater from its 31,000-square-foot rooftop. The water is piped to a 50,000-gallon primary collection tank in the basement where it gets filtered and treated. From there, the rainwater runs through a 1 micron sand filter, and is treated with UV light to remove any harmful pathogens. It’s then pumped to a 1,500 gallon non-potable water holding tank and, finally, pumped into a greywater domestic water riser that serves all of the bathroom toilets.

During periods where the building can’t recover enough rainwater, the greywater supply system is designed to be supplemented seamlessly with city water. The bathroom sinks are separately piped with this same dedicated city water supply so that there’s no cross filtration.

Based on historical water patterns, the system is expected to recover and reuse over 1 million gallons per year of rainwater. That means we’ll be displacing or reducing city water use in these fixtures by approximately 80%.

We’re proud to be recognized by Fitwel with a 3-Star Certification for new construction. We were one of only two US office properties to reach this distinction at the time, setting a new precedent for recycled water systems and leading the way toward a more sustainable future.

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