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A critical element of what we’re building is a sustainable future for everyone

It takes a strong conviction about the future to do what we do every day—to develop a bold vision for what could be and then strategically invest and innovate to make it possible.

At Beacon, sustainability has always been a part of that bold vision for the future. But today, we face planet-scale challenges. So our strategy to achieve that vision has never been more important.

Our environmental, social good, governance, and resilience goals underpin every element of our process—from building selection and planning, to construction and management. We’ve set ambitious emissions reduction targets and are taking tangible steps in every project to build healthier ecosystems, thriving communities, vibrant workplaces, and a future that works for everyone.

Learn more about our ESG+R targets and objectives

Read the 2024 ESG+R Objectives

We’re committed to expansive ESG+R pillars and a bold vision of ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Fred Seigel, President

Progress, Achievements, and Memberships

For decades, sustainability has been core to our work at Beacon. While we’re proud to be recognized for our past, we continue to focus on our future.

  • GRESB Award

    Awarded 5 Stars for three participating entities (Fund 7, Fund 8, and a JV Portfolio). Ranked #1 in two peer comparisons (BCSP 8 and JV Portfolio).

  • LEED Certified Partner

    Currently, managing 21M+ sf of LEED-certified office space

  • Energy Star Partner of the Year

    Recognized Energy Star Partner of the Year for 12 consecutive years

  • Boston Green Ribbon Commission

    Responsible for developing strategies for resilience against climate change


    Continually working in full alignment with the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles ("INREV") framework

  • PRI Signatory

    Aligning with the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment

  • Fitwel Champion

    Fitwel Champion and recipient of multiple 'Best in Building Health' Awards

  • 9 Foundations

    Driving scientific research into practice with evidence-based approaches to healthy buildings.

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