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BeaconCapital_ReadyDynamic_19 - 2B2123FA-7083-42B9-86A5FF9A592E8556
600 Congress_Austin_2024_ 31 - A021D00D-B474-4F55-8DDA4D198DA1B5C4
BeaconCapital_Southline_FlagshipSuites_07 - 6C759B07-8EC7-499B-87E5D1600679F8A1
Bank of America Tower - Roof Garden - Houston, TX 022520 - 8A719393-FF05-49CC-A32E29253E61D3D6
112 at 12th_ 01 - 945542A0-A925-4E86-A8D6E37CD87C0D38
190southlasalle_photo_building_exterior_tower - 69FF6841-5400-4D13-AE4CB57DEA7E7F1B
DANIEL KELLEGHAN PHOTOGRAPHY-2022-08-06 Norman Kelley Cart 515 N. state27987-2 - 991CEDD9-0C59-4A3A-A176FFA6D47662E6
terrell_place_roof_236 - AE6B2C78-FB6D-49B3-B05FD568745A2FE2

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Beacon develops, owns, and transforms buildings into headquarters, offices, and labs for teams like , , and

When you love where you work, good things happen—collaboration thrives, creativity flows freely, and big ideas become breakthroughs

Spring House Innovation Park - Gwynedd Township, PA

Circa Building - Denver, CO

Whether you’re looking for a turn-key office or a showstopping HQ, we have spaces that prove the best work is done together. View all of our properties.